Run with Comfort

Many have been taking the path of running as part of a healthy lifestyle. However, not all feet that run are comfortable in regular running shoes. Others that are worn may be a bit heavy. When one runs in a race, having a lightweight comfortable pair of shoes makes a difference in running a little faster in a marathon or making faster and longerr strides for sprinting. Even if it’s just an everyday trail, comfort and durability is important. The Soft Star shoes can provide the right kind of shoes for you.

Take a look at the RunAmoc DASH design. It is not only for everyday use, but it can also be for running trails. It is aesthetically pleasant that functions well for light or heavy wear. You can have the 2mm street sole, which has the least distance between feet and the ground, the 5mm trail sole which adds durability and extra traction on rough surfaces like rocks and gravel, or the tough leather sole which gives the highest level of groundfeel (but it can be slippery on smooth and wet surfaces). It’s your choice. Since it has laces, you can be sure of a snug fit.  There are other shoe designs that you can choose from, available from baby sizes to adult.  You can also check on what shoes are on sale and you can also design your own, choosing your own colors and motifs.

Anyway, here’s my customized RunAmoc, I so love them! The color is what I want and the style, of course, looks great. I will do a lot of running outside since winter is over, having good-looking and comfy shoes to wear while doing my exercises is really important. Thanks to Softstarshoes for giving me this opportunity to review one of their products. I really love it! I customized everything and everything is perfect! It’s just an awesome product, I love the style, color, the fit is great on me and of course, the most important of all is the comfort whenever I wear them. If you want comfy shoes for you and your loved ones, check out this place, become their Facebook and Twitter fan and you will be glad you did.

I receive some products at no cost for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

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