Runescape Cursors

My brother, Glenn, has a business involving computers.  He does maintenance, repair and upgrades for personal and business computers.  Glenn really knows his stuff when it comes to computers.  Recently, I found a website that provides customized cursors instead of using the standard stock cursor we all use on our own computers.  I told my brother about this website and he really thought this was a very innovative, creative and simple way to make any computer have a better visual appearance.  He had an idea about how he can use this unique and long list of customized cursors offered by Runescape Cursors to help him promote his company.  What he does now is to install one of these cursors on every computer he works on for his customers.  Then, when they get their computers back, they have a constant reminder on their computer that Glenn worked on their computer and installed their customized cursor.  What a great idea this is for his company!  I have to give him a lot of credit.  He works very hard to meet or exceed the expectations of his customers.  Now, he can also do something simple and fun to customize their computer and at the same time remind them of the good work he did for them.

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