Safety Tips Every Road Trip Needs to Succeed

Whenever your future family travel plans include a road trip, it is essential that you prepare. You will find that your vehicle is going to turn into a playroom on wheels. To ensure you and your little ones are safe and under control, you must do the groundwork needed to make your family trip a safe and enjoyable one. This means ensuring that both the inside and outer parts of your car are ready to go.
Start with a Tune-up
If you want to enjoy smooth sailing, and a degree of sanity, take the time to make sure your vehicle is in good working condition. National Safety organizations advise the servicing of your car by a trained mechanic. This means having your car’s battery and belts inspected and replaced if required. The mechanic should also test windshield washer and brake fluids, keeping them at the proper levels. Do not forget a proper examination of the tires, heating and air conditioning systems.
Have a Plan
Despite the best preparation, breakdowns and fender benders can happen. Subscribe to a roadside assistance program in addition to making sure your auto is properly insured. Roadside assistance will provide you with a number to call should there be an emergency. Learn what kind of plans there are and what they include.
Equally important is auto insurance. Everyone must have vehicle insurance. Even if you require an sr22 insurance policy, there are credible and affordable options for you. Safety includes preparing for the potential accidents of the future.
Prepare for a Breakdown
No, not a mental breakdown! Try to avoid that is the reason for these tips. However, even with the proper assistance plan and insurance policy, it is wise to pack an emergency kit. You should stock your car with more than a first-aid kit. Include extra water, some warm blankets, and a flashlight. Even if you are not the car repairman-type, having jumper cables, tools to change a flat tire, and flares on board are an excellent idea. Finally, make sure your cell phone is fully charged.
Inside Safety
A safe road trip also requires ensuring the interior of your car is ready to go. Check your children’s car seats to determine if they are correctly installed. Since well over half of car seats currently in use are not adequately installed have yours checked. IF you are not confident, there are car care centers that will provide a free inspection of your children’s safety seats.
Inside your car, check that the child safety locks for the windows and doors are on. Remove any toxic materials from the backseats, like windshield washer fluid or car soaps and tire cleaners. Get rid of possible projectiles like strollers, heavy books, toys or backpacks. When a car traveling at 30 miles an hour and must stop quickly, everything in the car not secured will keep going 30 miles an hour until it crashes into something. You do not want that something to be you or your children.
One Step Ahead of your Little Ones
Just like the emergency kit packed for the car, so too should you pack an emergency kit for the kids. Wipes, snacks, drinks, and ways to entertain your children are essential for your trip. For travel with babies, if possible try driving the longer stretches during regular nap times. For the older kids, books, puzzles, and activity pages are a great distraction. Try having the kids play games where they look out for as many diverse license plates from different places as they can.
Always get a solid night’s rest and sleep before a road trip. Driving a car when fatigued is the underlying cause of more than 100,000 accidents on the nation’s roadways each year. Drive only after you are properly rested and trade with a second adult every couple of hour if it is possible.