Screen Guard for Rachel’s iPad

Aside from women’s apparel and accessories, Romwe has all the gadget accessories you need. As you can see here in the picture below, I got a new screen protector for my daughter’s 3rd gen iPad. You know kids and how they don’t care how dirty the screen on their iPad, as long as they can play. With this screen LCD protector, I don’t need to worry about scratching the LCD screen anymore, I can wipe it with almost anything now without worrying about the screen.

This screen guard is really easy to use: first you need to clean the screen, place and match screen protector on top of your device and remove the bottom portion of screen protector and your done, it is as easy as 123! Also, it’s removable, washable, anti scratch and dust free! If you want to protect your LCD screen from scratches, then I suggest you check out Romwe and get the best screen guard you will find for your iPad.

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