Selling Custom Apparel

My hubby suggested I find a way to make some extra money from home since our daughter is still not old enough to attend school full-time.  During a birthday party I was at last weekend, a friend of mine told me about a campaign she is using that makes it real easy for her to design custom-made t-shirts, hoodies and long-sleeve shirts for her friends and family.  She is really creative and realized that if she can design a shirt that is unique and good quality, she can sell it to people she knows and earn some extra money.  She takes advantage of Teespring and their pre-ordering system and campaign to promote and sell custom apparel.

I was so impressed with her idea and her success that I told my hubby we should visit this and look into this comprehensive campaign for ourselves.  With today’s economy, many people would find it very easy to utilize this structured marketing and easy-to-use campaign to sell custom-designed shirts and other apparel that are very affordable and excellent quality.

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