I was researching the internet for ways of staying younger looking and found a lot of good information. Aside from the selections of creams I found a thing called a Beauty Shake. Creams only take care of the problem on the outside the Beauty Shakes work from the inside out. They help your skin, hair, and nails to become more vibrant and healthier looking. It will also help you to loose unwanted weight. You can use the shakes as part of a diet or just supplement it with your current diet. If you want to follow the complete diet then you will need 2-3 shakes a day and up to 5 servings of fruits or vegetables and one reasonable daily entry combined with a physical exercise program. There are few different Beauty Shakes such as Chocolate Youth™ and Vanilla Vibrance™. They are very easy to make in your blender or shaker and you can add your favorite fruit. I was surprised to find out that these shakes were created by a Dr Tabor and were clinically tested to improve your skin, hair and nails. The shakes also looked like they taste very good. They actually had all the carbs and total fat information on the pack for those people that watch there calories.

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