Shop At Schoola And Support Needy Schools

Our daughter, Rachel, is really creative and asks us to be part of different programs at her school.  Last year she was in a school play.  She attended several rehearsals and has a lot of fun practicing her lines.  We could see her grow as a person as she learned her responsibilities as an actor in a play.  We were so proud of her because her performance was greeted with applause and cheers from the audience.  This experience really boosted her self-confidence. 

We saw a story on TV that showed some schools in our country do no have all the programs that her school has for her classmates.  So, she asked me how we could help other kids have the same opportunities that she has in her school.  Fortunately, I found out about this promotion called “20 Days of Schoola” adopt a school where individuals can help raise money for schools in need.  The school we chose to help is the KIPP Academy.

The KIPP Academy is a small school in the Bronx and does an excellent job supporting students that have challenges due to low income or instability at home.  They use music to engage and help the children to have fun and learn at the same time.  Most of their students qualify for free or discounted lunches and over 10% of their students are in need of special education services.  This is the school that we are supporting with my campaign to help raise money for the KIPP Academy.

All you need to do is Shop at Schoola and a donation will be made to the KIPP Academy.  Schoola will donate $1 for every purchase made on their website.  Do you have some extra clothes you don’t need?  Then why not Give Back by donating them to charity because of every donation of clothes made, $2 for every $5 spend will will go back to the school you choose to support.

Schoola is a website that recycles children’s clothes and provides them to their customer as a discounted price.  This program both help raise money for schools in need and allows parents to buy needed clothes at very low prices.

Please check out this video that explains how to Support and Save Music as we know it today.


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