Simple And Fun Toys For Kids

My daughter is having more fun in the bathtub playing with these BathBlocks Floating Castle Set in the bathtub now. It’s really cool watching her build this castle in the water. What I love about this kind of building toys is that it teaches kids to be more creative, open their mind about possibilities that it encourages their mind to be more patience and to use their creative mind to explore and build.

You know what the cool thing about these BathBlocks Floating Castle Set? Aside from floating in the water, it also sticks on the tub walls. All you have to do is just dip the BathBlocks in soap or shampoo suds which increases their ability to stick to the tub walls and other blocks and boom you’re kids will have a blast using them on the wall and in the water.

posted some of the great features about having BathBlocks Floating Castle Set and if you want to learn more about this awesome toy, check out this place  and you will sure glad you did.

educational block play into the bath
let children build floating castles, towers, bridges and more in the bath
made from Mildew and Bacteria resistant EVA
contain no Phthalates or PVC