Skate Shoes

I’ve seen a lot of kids wearing these skate shoes and my daughter said she wanted a pair for herself because it would be fun. That is why I’m really excited for this awesome opportunity that heelys gave me to try this product. As you can see here in the picture, it really fits good on my daughter and since we got the package, she’s been using and playing with them. I know it takes practice and just like any other sport, learning to make it perfect is practice. What we got is the Comet’s classic skate: it has 3d Heelys logo, synthetic nubuck upper and with ABEC 1 bearings. They are made of high quality materials that will last for a very long time plus they are very affordable.

I honestly don’t know how to teach my daughter how to use the skate, but they have simple instructions along with the package which is really easy to understand and follow. It just really takes some practice in order to enjoy the skate shoes and that is what my daughter is doing right now. She just loves it and having a blast with her new skate shoes. When you visit this place, you will find a lot of valuable information such as the instructions, tips how to use their products. Since the holiday season is here, this would be a perfect gift for your kids. To learn more about these cool skate shoes, check out this great place, and like their Facebook for any promotional updates.

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