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I have suffered from Insomnia for many months and when I would finally get to sleep, it would be cut short because I have to get up for work. I don’t have bags under my eyes, but the area under my eyes are turning black which is making me self-conscience about my looks. I know I could have bought some sleeping medication, but I am not a big fan of artificial drugs and their funky side effects; so that was not an option for me.

Luckily, I was given this opportunity to try this amazing product called Dreamitall! I was really excited to try it since I did my research before using the product. There are no harmful chemicals, additives or ingredients that cause side effects, so it’s safe to use. They only use natural herbs, for example it contains B6 and B12 vitamins and a small dose of melatonin. This Herbal sleep supplement is designed to naturally deepen your sleep because they use a combination of herbal ingredients which will also enhance your dream state just like what I have experienced for the last couple of nights.


I took the recommended three tablets of Dreamitall herbal sleep and dream supplement. I took it at night before going to be as instructed and I experienced the best sleep of my life for the last couple of nights. I wish I had known this Dreamitall sooner.

Another thing this Dreamitall has to offer is the Herbal Peace Tea, the scent of the tea alone induces a calming effect on me. After a few minutes of taking it, my brain feels like it just got a massage. Since my sleep has improved, my work performance has also improved.
If you want to sleep like a ‘baby’ tonight, better check out this Dreamitall. Also, while taking this herbal sleep supplement, you will experience the enhancement your dream state. Right now they have promotions going on, 10%off for every new subscriber. You should check them out on Facebook and Twitter and see their current promotions before you order.

This is a sponsored post by Dreamitall. All opinions stated are my own.

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  1. Oh wow, I’m really glad to have read about this. I have awful sleep patterns, usually falling asleep just before the kids are ready to wake. Will look into it further!

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