Solution for Eyeglasses Falling Off

There are some problems with eyeglasses, such as they develop a lose fit over time so they just fall off when looking down or that the arms put a strain on the temple area so much that they give the wearer a headache. Another problem is the eye glasses slip off because some people, like me, have a nose with a very flat bridge.

Introducing Wedgees and what a pair can do for your eye glasses. No longer will you have to experience pain caused by the temple arms due to the pressure of the springs. For a pair without springs, there is the tendency to loosen despite the utmost care given. The Wedgees will solve that problem as it holds the glasses in place at the back of the ears without causing pain due to pressure, thus, they are more comfortable and will not cause headaches. The soft neoprene rubber will not only give you comfort, but it will also protect the most expensive pairs of eyeglasses.

It is a perfect solution for the problem, especially when you need to play sports or do gardening. Perspiration that usually causes the spectacles to fall off, will not anymore when using Wedgees. You can buy your pair (or several pairs so you can choose and change colors when you want to) from Amazon and buying them comes with 100% no risk guarantee. To learn more about this awesome product, check out this place, become their Facebook and Twitter fan and keep your glasses from slipping off.

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