Sono Bello

I was researching the internet for the latest laser liposuction treatments and found this website at They had many pictures of before and after of different customers and I could not believe the results. The laser liposuction claims that the skin in most cases will regain its elasticity therefore the end results are better than standard liposuction. I think that feeling beautiful is getting rid of that cellulite and loose skin. At Sono Bello they can also help to sculpture your body to have more perfect body shape. The laser liposuction not only deals with the layers of fat underneath the skin, but also helps with the skin layers so you don’t have loose skin. You can really tell the difference in the before and after pictures. I also found lots of testimonials on the website from customers that where happy with the results. One thing I found very fascinating is one customer was able to go to Disneyland the very next day after the laser liposuction. That is because the incisions are smaller and the laser helps to clot the blood vessels. I would recommend Sono Bello to anybody looking to have any kind of body sculpting, liposuction done or skin tightening done.

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