Staying Healthy is Priceless

I have this hate and love relationship with going through annual physical check-ups. The thing that really makes me hate it is when I get bruised up when blood the work is consecutively done. Heavens! I tell you, these peeps working on my arms can be so brutal! Hematoma is something I dread each time I go for these physical exams. Good thing I can now order a lipid profile when they want to know my lipid profile so that makes me feel better and at ease. Thank heavens for this technology. One reason I love getting this done is that I will know my physical health status.

It is a must for one to undergo a physical examination each year. It must be a topmost priority for everyone. It is quite alarming to know that a lot of ailments affect people from all walks of life these days. Some die very young because they never knew that they had been suffering from a serious illness. Many people never have health check-ups during their lifetime. They fail to see the importance of taking control of their health early on or even later in life. It may cost a bit, but I tell you that it is something that is worth the money.

There is nothing more valuable than our health, don’t you agree? It is something that when taken away from us, we will feel very helpless and for some people, they become entirely hopeless. So, the best cure is prevention. Why wait for you to become ill before you see a doctor? A mere physical health check-up is something that we will always benefit from. The best time to take charge of your health is now while we are still healthy, productive and young. We will reap the benefits later on in life. Keeping healthy and fit is the best gift we can ever give to ourselves. After all, we owe it to the one up above who breathed in life to the physical body that we own and in return, we should keep it in good shape at all times.

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