Still feeling the ripples

It’s still big news days after the fact that Adam did not win this year’s American Idol. I was shocked like a lot of other people that Kris was voted the winner. My hubby did say before the vote he thought that head to head that Kris would have a wider appeal to a larger age group and would probably get a lot of the younger female vote as well. Also he said he thinks that Adam is the type of performer that does better doing live performances and Kris will do better recording songs in the studio. I thought that was an interesting comparison, but it makes sense. I’ll admit I was even a little upset that Adam lose because he had so many memorable and brave performances compared to Kris who just seemed to survive long enough to win. The highlight of the season for my husband was Adam singing Led Zeppelin. My highlight was the amazing final show which has Kiss, Santana, Rod Stewart and Queen. It was the best single show of American Idol I’ve ever seen by far. Well, no more Idol until January. So, we will see what Kris and Adam do between now and then.

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