Stress Relieving Coloring Notebook

Many people who take notes also draw little doodles when they are thinking, listening or just waiting. It makes use of their time (especially for ladies/women who are naturally multi-taskers like me) to create something else while in between tasks. It is also a way to relieve stress and pass time. The concept of the ColoringNotebook has given me a great way to do this from now on.

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With over 50 ready-made coloring pages already outlined by the best graphic artists, these adult coloring pages only need the colors I can draw at my own pace. On the other side, I can write my notes, plans, or doodle some more! When I carry it around, no one suspects what’s inside with the classy cover that has hand sewn pages which is actually my own stress-relieving art book. Get your own ColoringNotebook now and see how much it relaxes you!

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