Supply chain consulting

There were must have been over a hundred jobs my hubby applied for before he landed a good job recently. He is working with a marketing company that sells their services to supply chains around the country. This company has been around for over forty years, but they are behind the times when it comes to specific issues my hubby quickly identified in his first weeks of employment. Their supply chain consulting approach was not very effective compared to their competition. Also, they have some issues with supply chain management and their marketing approach that needed to be addressed. These are the first two challenges my hubby faced and he was happy with what he was able to accomplish in these two areas. Once they were able to have an improved comprehensive supply chain strategy that addresses all the different types of business they are targeting to be future clients. My hubby really loves his new job and has already received praise for his problem solving and his ability to quickly create effective solutions. My hubby knows where to go to get the help he needs to make him look good at his new job. He hopes this will earn him a promotion before the end of the year and it sounds like that is very possible after his great start. I was surfing on the internet about supply chain consulting, supply chain management,supply chain strategy because I want to learn more about this kind of stuff. That way, I can share it with my hubby. Fortunately, while I was surfing on the internet I found this cool place. I learned a lot of valuable information about supply chain consulting,supply chain management, supply chain strategy and many more. They have been in the business for years providing great customer service.

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