Swash Your Clothes to Dewrinkle, Refresh in 10 Minutes! #SwashatBestBuy @SwashOfficial @BestBuy

Do you often go for dry cleaning services? Do you find yourself needing to wear something in particular that day but you just realized that it has not been laundered yet? Do you notice that your clothes fade sooner than you want to dispose of them? Do you find that you spend too much time in the laundry room? Perhaps it is time that you need the SWASH™ Clothing care system!


With the SWASH System, you can simply put the clothing in and after 10 minutes you have it clean, refreshed, out of wrinkles, restored as newly laundered and ironed. Using this system, you get to preserve the newness of the clothing because colors do not fade as washing (hand or machine wash) does. Fraying is also avoided because of no friction. It is also easy to store the SWASH in a small space in your own bedroom so if you have an office uniform worn yesterday, just swash it and wear it again today, just a few minutes before you leave. The smoothing clips give the right tension for each particular clothing. The adjustable hanger makes it easy to fit any clothing as well. The light system can tell you how much longer you have before you can get your clothing. You just plug it in, put a swash pod to neutralize odor (making clothing clean and refreshed), close and wait 10 minutes. By the way the swash pod is good for sensitive skin.


With this system, you can save in three ways: (1) no more pilling and fading, extending the life of the clothing; (2) it saves your dry cleaning bills in half; and (3) it gets clean from start to finish in as little as 10 minutes.


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