Talking Anya Dress-up & Pet Puppies Review

Whether we like or not, our kids these days are well rounded with what’s the latest in technology. At six, they already know how to use your smart phone and can even download those apps that made them curious. Knowing that thousands of apps are now available for free, you should be keen enough to have a close watch and teach your child which is helpful to them. Somehow, your role as a parent matters the most. There will come a time in your child’s developmental milestone where they tend to enjoy mimicking a certain personality or role. Use this stage to develop their sense of identity as well as independence.

My daughter has been with her lovely dolls for quite some time and I even made dresses for them just like hers. No wonder she enjoyed this fabulous app named Talking Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies. It doesn’t just allow her to design the outfit of Talking Anya, but also teaches her how to take care of a pet. It would be nice to have a real pet at home, but as a preparatory stage, she can have the app for the mean time. She has been enjoying it so far and I’m pretty sure she’d be able to take care of herself and a pet pretty well someday.

This app for girls is FREE to download for iPhone/iPad and available only on iTunes App store.  Your princess will surely enjoy this awesome app, because there are so many ways your child will have a blast playing with Talking Anya.  My daughter kept telling me how awesome this game is for her, she said it looks so realistic and the playability is just incredible.  Also, the puppies are so cute and adorable.  For all the mothers out there, I highly recommend this awesome game for your little princess.  To learn more about the games, check out this place called and visit their iTunes for free downloads of their games.

 This is a sponsored post and is an original review I wrote.

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