Texas foods

I have a friend, Barb, who lives in Texas and owns a very successful business. She has meetings with her clients on a regular basis. Sometimes she will have the meetings during lunch and she will bring in some food to feed everyone. This option has worked for her until recently because her business has grown so much. She really doesn’t have the time to plan what food she wants to have and organize everything ahead of time. Unfortunately, she admitted to me the last time she served food at one of her meetings, it didn’t go very well. She was upset about some of the comments her clients made about the food not tasting very good and the entrees not being very hot and ready to serve. So, Barb asked me for a solution to her problem. I told her about a place my husband knows about called Republic of Texas Foods that does a great job for his employer. His home office is in Dallas and they use reception catering several times a month. They only rely on Republic of Texas Company Store for all of their food needs for their employees and their clients. Barb asked me if I ever had their food and I said both my husband and I really were impressed at the National Sales meeting we attended in Dallas last year. The food they served was incredible and everything went so smoothly. I can see why this is the only food source his company uses at all of their offices in Texas. Barb was very excited to start using them and to see how much her clients enjoy what they provide compared to what she has been doing in the past. I would have told her sooner if I knew she was having such a challenge providing food on her own to serve at her company meetings.

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