Thank God it’s Friday

Thank God it’s Friday. My daughter has many plans for today and I told her to take it easy and plan one thing at a time. So far, I only agreed to take her to the pool and park and after that I can do my online work. She even insisted to go to the library after the pool and park, but I told her she will get tired after swimming, so we will have to see how she feels.

But, I promised her we will surely go to the library tomorrow if we don’t go today, since we need to return the books that are close to their due date. It’s still pretty chilly outside. I promises our daughter to take her to go swimming, then we can stop at the park close to the rec center.

She’s really happy and so excited for what we have planned today. It has been so cold and snowy these last few days we have been stuck in the house. She loves the outdoors and staying in the house all day really makes her bored.  However, I always try to keep her busy whether it’s playing educational games, watching TV or reading books.


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