The Four Tools You Need to Supercharge Your Cleaning

There is no greater pride for a home owner than to have guests marvel at how spotless their house is while they get to say ‘oh, it was nothing’. With the advancement of technology, cleaning is simpler than ever. Instead of spending long hours sweeping, dusting, washing, and mopping to get that squeaky clean surface you desire, you can get a tool to do it for you. With these four tools you can have a clean house without breaking a sweat and get better result for lesser effort.


Attractive girl with vacuum cleaner on light background
Attractive girl with vacuum cleaner on light background

The Vacuum Cleaner
This tool is probably the best house cleaning tool ever invented. It is used to suck in dust and dirt form a different floor surfaces. With this tool you never need to sweep your home again! There are different types of vacuum cleaners on the market, all doing their best to get sold, but the best vacuum cleaners are the ones with the suction power strong enough to remove pet hair from your house surfaces and carpets, and slim enough to suck dirt out of tight corners. Investing in a new vacuum can prove to be wise purchase to keep your house as clean as possible.

The Dishwasher
If you do not have one of this you may not be aware of what you are missing. The dish washer is a machine that that cleans plates and kitchen utensils by spraying hot water (depending on how delicate the item is) at them. A pump mixes water with washing detergent and blasts the dishes with it until the wash time is finished and the soapy water is drained. Then more hot water is blasted into the dish washer as the rinse circle begins. When the machine is done you get to see your squeaky clean dishes. The size of the dishwasher you buy depends on the amount of dishes you need to wash. Think of the other things you can get done while this tool is doing a great job with your dishes and kitchenware.

The Washing Machine
Washing clothes by hand can be a real drag, mostly when the fabric is tough or heavy. With the washing machine you can get a week of laundry done within a few hours. These days, most washing machines come partnered with a dryer so when a load is done washing, you can load your clothes in the dryer. The washing machine is one of the best investments you can make if you have expensive clothes or you always have a large dirty laundry basket.

The Clothes Steamer
You may be wandering why you need a clothes steamer when you have an iron. Well, the clothes steamer will never burn your cloths and it won’t leave those annoying shiny lines on your cloths. Unlike the iron which flattens the fibers in your cloths the steamer relaxes them, it is gentle on your cloths and can also be used to remove wrinkles from delicate clothes such as silk. The hand held steamer is easy to use, all you have to do is hang your garment, fill the steamer reservoir with water, wait a few minutes for it to heat up (during this time you can get some other cleaning or clothes sorting done) then in a sweeping motion go over your clothes with the steamer. It is that simple. People will wonder if all your clothes are professionally cleaned or if they are brand new.

So, when you are saving for your next home cleaning system, do not forget to add these four to your list.