The Gourmet Nut We Love

I love to munch fruit mix snacks that are healthy for you and thanks to GourmetNut for giving me this opportunity to review some of their awesome products. What I received were the protein mix and mega omega mix which are all natural, gluten and vegan free. All the fruit and nut mixes really taste great! I love them when I need a healthy snack whenever I go out, especially when I have our daughter with me who always ask for snacks. Having this gourmet on the go is just perfect for me and keeps me and my daughter not feeling hungry.

Aside from snack bags, I also got to try their gourmet sea salts and these sea salts really adds flavor to my boring meals, lol. My hubby and I just love our new salt grinders we have, they are really easy to use, we can choose whatever grain size we like and I love the freshness every time I use them. If you want to learn more about these amazing products, check out this website, become their Facebook and Twitter fan and you will be happy you did.

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