The Gululu Hi-Tech Water Bottle On Amazon

Health is wealth is a popular saying and as humans we cannot do without water. As parents we always want to see our children drink the right amount of water to stay healthy and hydrated, especially during this summer season. To help your kids and perhaps even you as parents drink enough water, there is a new interactive water bottle that bolster water intake —  Gululu The Interactive Water Bottle.


Think about a modern-day Tamagotchi-like pet integrated with a technology-laced water bottle that is designed for the purpose of encouraging kids as well as adults to stay hydrated. That is a simple description of the Gululu Interactive Water Bottle.


This water bottle makes it fun to drink water and this definitely helps children and adults stay healthy and hydrated. One major importance of Gululu is that it provides a solution to the persistent dehydration that may be affecting your child’s health.61WIbtci8+L._SL1500_

This amazing water bottle features a home button, a screen, WIFI, a pair of touch sensors and wireless charging capabilities. This is among the most high-tech water bottles you can find anywhere and it is arguably the most effective. With the help of the companion app, you can easily set hydration targets depending on your child’s age, weight as well as location. For the fact it is meant for kids, Gululu the interactive water bottle is water and dust proof, it is made from 100% BPA-free materials and it can survive drops up to three feet. The water bottle is designed with various built-in sensors working to measure water intake as well as detecting to know if your child is truly drinking water or just pouring it out.91ae80hWxOL._SL1500_

Gululu The Interactive Water Bottle will be launching exclusively on Amazon. As parents, let your child share from this one of a kind health and fun experience. You can get your own Gululu water bottle with the click of a button. Simply go on Amazon and click on this unique product to make your own purchase.  Your Gululu purchase on Amazon comes with a wireless charging dock, micro-USB charging cable, user guide, one year warranty and the Gululu Universe storybook.

Also this launch is accompanied by partnering with  For every bottle purchased, a child in a third-world country will receive a drinking water source.