The Most Trustworthy Body Shop in Your Area, Gerber Collision & Glass


Are you like many people in Colorado that has had recent hail damage or damage caused by an accident to their vehicle? Unfortunately, our car was a victim of a hit-n-run driver when it was parked in front of our house recently and our insurance company denied our claim. So, we called Gerber Collision & Glass to see if they could help us out. We spoke with Carl and explained our situation to him, i.e. severely damaged car with no insurance coverage. Even though they were very busy, Carl suggested we bring our car to their shop the same day we spoke so he could inspect the damage and advise us on our options. After his inspection, we made a plan to fix the car on our own as much as possible to minimize the cost of the total repair, knowing that if we were not 100% successful, Carl said they would be there for us to help. What a relief it is to have a trusting and very cooperative body shop to help us through our endeavor to repair our car to a safe and drivable condition.


So, if you or anyone you know needs any help with a damaged vehicle, contact to find out how they can help you out like they did for us. Gerber Collision & Glass has 17 locations in Colorado and they have hundreds of other locations around the country.

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