The Old Ones Turned out Great After We Painted Them…PURPLE!!!

I wanted to buy a nightstand for my daughter to use in her bedroom. As I browsed for one, I just couldn’t find the purple night stand she wanted. When I finally found one, it was just freaking so expensive which I was not planning on buying with my budget. A couple of days ago I went to the basement and did some cleaning and found this old nightstand which I thought was perfect size, but the color was just an aged white color. I grabbed the night stand and showed it to my daughter and asked her about her opinion. Right there and then she suggested we could paint it purple together!!!!

I never thought of painting some old furniture, but my daughter just had a brilliant idea! So, we went to Walmart and looked for some paint and the lady said it would be best to use spray paint since it’s easier to use, especially since I had never painted furniture before. So, as you can see here in the picture below, the old nightstand looks great after we painted it. I found another lamp which is the off-white color and my daughter painted with dark purple. I just can’t believe it turned out great for both of these two old items we used. Now my little princess is so happy that she has a purple lamp and a matching purple nightstand in her bedroom.


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