The Positive Effects of Technological Advancements

Ever since the invention of machines, the advancement in technology has been progressing ever since. Over the course of time, machines have made the lives of each person so much easier to live. However, there has been debates going on, that sooner or later, human beings would be replaced by machines. Not to mention all those sci-fi movies with such a plot. It’s a bit scary and not impossible. Given all the benefits that human beings can fully avail from the advancement of technology, it always comes with a price, but since we are supposed to be proactive, let’s just focus on the brighter side of it.

Here are some of the positive effects of technology to mankind.

Connectivity – because of technology, communication has never been so easy. Just a few decades ago, sending a letter through the snail mail would take days, but now it takes seconds to send an email or use social media. Thanks to our cellular phones and ease to find an internet connection, we can send messages almost anywhere and anytime. Being able to relay information is very essential in life. This is how we explain ourselves and make plans. The faster we respond, the less misunderstandings will happen.

Acquisition of Knowledge – advancement in technology has paved the way for reaching as many learners as possible.  Lessons that could only be heard in the four corners of a classroom can now be accessible with a few taps of the mouse. Sharing knowledge has never been easier.

Improved Jobs – with the help of machines, jobs are being carried out at a faster rate than before. More output will mean more income leading to higher sales and increased profit. Aside from that, these machines can keep the human workforce in direct contact with the raw materials which means there is more protection for workers.

Better Trade and Economy – you might consider reading the books of Andrew Charlton for more insights in this matter. Because of technology, seeing the bigger picture of our economic and trade status has never been more important. Machines are doing computation, predicting trends and a whole lot more.

It has been debated that our natural resources will become depleted as our population increases dramatically around the world. Fortunately, these technological advancements can be used to protect our environment. Let us keep in mind that we have full control of our future technology. We create what we need and they will not function without our inputs. Let us all use them for the betterment of our lives without compromising what we naturally have around us.

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