This Natural Product Takes Care of Your Family’s Skin Problems #thaumaturgic

As a caring mother, I’m always looking for the best health products for my daughter. She’s eight years old and she just keeps running and jumping and God knows what else. It’s amazing how much energy she has every day. It seems she’s never tired except when I put her to bed and she falls asleep in a minute.

Well, I guess that’s normal… and what is also normal is for her is to hurt herself when she’s playing. Either a cut or a scrapped knee is not uncommon for her. She just loves playing in the backyard, especially now that the summer is finally here.

13494990_1126499394079793_8270266612923040128_nWhenever she hurts herself, I usually use a spray to clean the wound and then put a bandit on it to protect. However, recently, I was privileged enough to get in contact with a company that makes a product called Thaumaturgic Bio Mist, that is said to support the natural defenses of the skin against different conditions:

* acne
* redness due to rosacea
* skin hydration
* sunburns
* redness and inflammation due to waxing
* for soothing skin after a rough microdermabrasion treatment
* scraped knees
* fine lines
* swelling
* areas, where piercings have recently been done
* scar reduction
* Candida albicans (yeast infections)
* for soothing skin with new tattoos
* cuts
* facial toner

So, I decided to give it a try. The directions said it could be applied to any kind of skin, including kids. So, when she fell recently, I applied it on the wound and I also used the Thaumaturgic Bio Mist as a sun protector.

All kids need to have their skin protected because of the sun. However, my daughter also has very pale skin which gets sunburned rather quickly. Since I was testing this new product, why not test different things at the same time?

Before she went to bed, I took a deep look at all the parts of her body that were exposed to the sun as well as to her wound on her knee and everything looked great. It appeared just like a normal day: no wounds (or traces of a previous wound) and no sunburns.

When I went to check Thaumaturgic Bio Mist ingredients was when I had my ah-ha moment. It does well on all types of skins because it’s a natural product that only contains salt and water. Plus, it doesn’t have all those irritants that usually harm your skin, especially if it’s more sensitive, like preservatives, alcohol, fragrances, oils, parabens, and sodium sulfates.

Now, I carry the Thaumaturgic Bio Mist everywhere with me. I use it when my face is a little more reddish from the sun, I use it on my daughter, and even my husband uses it on some scars he has. And it’s a lot easier to carry just the Thaumaturgic Bio Mist, than the spray I used to use plus the bandits. And one thing is for sure: it has been working for my family and this is what really matters.

“Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity by Theralight, Inc. to review this product. However, the brand or company has not influenced me in any way to provide any type of review other than my true and honest opinions. I am disclosing all information provided in this review according to the information provided in Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”