Tod Seisser

I was searching the internet for an advertising agency to handle my advertisement for a new business. I found a lot of great information. One was Tod Seisser services who is a very seasoned professional that has handled large campaigns for Proctor Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, and other big names. Tod Seisser graduated with a BFA in media arts from the School of Visual Arts in 1979. I think that it takes somebody that is artistic in order to develop an effective advertising plan. He was employed as a creative director at Levine, Schmidt, Huntley & Beaver. In 1998 Tod Seisser went to work for Saatchi and Saatchi as a Chief Creative officer. Finally in 2007 he cofounded Grok with two other partners where he spends most of his time. With all this experience with high profile companies I think he would be perfect choice for my new business. Tod Seisser only works for a few companies at a time because he likes to focus and do a great job on a few instead of doing a bad job on the many. I would like him to not only develop my advertising but also my logo and website so that it is all coordinated in one plan by one person.

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