Translation services

My hubby works for a large manufacturer and they sell their products in many different countries around the world. The world headquarters for his company is located in the United Kingdom near London. He travels there once a year to attend their annual meetings and to meet with their current and potential clients. These clients include both private companies and national governments in Europe, Asia and South America. I keep asking him when he will take me to Europe and he always says hopefully on his next trip. Well, his main responsibility is to negotiate contracts with companies and governments around the world to manufacture standard or custom products that meet their clients specifications, quality control standards, pricing requirements and timeframe to deliver the order. He really enjoys the challenge of his job and dealing with his clients all over the world. My hubby’s employer requires professional translations because of the complexity of his communications and negotiations with their clients. He said there is so much money on the line with each contract and any mistakes made can be very costly for him and his company. I asked him how do they effectively communicate with clients from different countries that speak so many different languages? He said besides the translators that work for his company, they rely on only one company for certified translations that can also provide a certificate of authenticity when requested. The certificates they provide are accepted by most of the authorities in the United Kingdom, such as the U.K. Passport Office and the Home Office. Most of the time my hubby has the certificates notarized to meet the requirements of their legal department. My hubby has visited their offices in London, Paris, and New York, but hasn’t been to their offices in Shanghai or Luxembourg. He said their free instant quotes makes his job very simple and efficient when it comes to requesting and ordering the translations that can be certified and notarized for businesses or individuals.

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