TreeClassics & TryMunity Unite to Help Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

One day, Mike got into a traffic accident that threw him 40 feet away from his vehicle and caused his head to hit the pavement. While in a coma and hope was grim, his family searched everywhere to learn more about his Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and find others who have experienced the same situation. There was a lot of information, but no one to talk to or chat with about their situation.

That is why TryMunity was founded.  It is a community of of people dealing with TBI directly or indirectly, but with the goal of creating a bond with each other, to give each other moral support and sometimes, financial support as well. The motto: “You never fail unless you stop TRYing.”

Tree Classics has been the leader in making pre-lit artificial Christmas trees since 1971 and delivers worldwide with free shipping. For each item that is sold, $1 is given to TryMunity. If you are not buying, nor donating, at least please share this information to your family and friends so more people know about TryMunity and how Tree Classics can help.  Then, their efforts will spread hope and support for TBI survivors through Trymunity. Remember to share this with the people you know on Facebook and Twitter.

Sharing Is Caring