Trick and Treating Fun at the Children’s Museum

We went trick or treating at the Children’s Museum in Denver yesterday. It was our first time to attend the event and it was just an amazing and memorable experience. My daughter really had a lot of fun along with her friend who came with us. As I expected, the museum was packed with kids with costumes together with their family having fun trick or treating. We stayed the whole afternoon because there was lot of games and cool stuff for children. Also, we really enjoyed the shows they had as well. The trick or treating event started on Friday 10-25 until Sunday 27th from 10-30 to 7:30 pm. Here are the daily ongoing activities which you will have fun along with yours : Halloween Arts, Little Miss Spiders, Mad Monster Lab, and the Monster Carnival will take place at the plaza.

This trick or treat street event at the Children’s Museum in Denver is a three day spectacular stuffed with delightful fun! You will see fun filled of pixies, super heroes and modest trolls at this great trick or treating event. Aside from cool characters, they have the pumpkin hill where you can go trick or treating, The exceptional story times my daughter really had fun listening to while she was making friends! Here’s some photos I took from this event where you can see my daughter really had fun with the parade of trick or treating at the Children’s Museum in Denver.

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