Try New Coffee Flavors With Mixcups

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Have you tried a coffee subscription? For people who love coffee and for those who like to try something different, I have good news for you.


I consider myself almost ‘addicted’ to coffee. A day will not pass by without me having at least a couple of cups of coffee to wake up my brain cells. With the arrival of my coffee subscription for this review, I was totally elated! Why do you ask? I have never had such a side variety of flavors all at once! Suddenly, my excitement multiplied many times over as I get to enjoy 10 flavor mixes, 3 times each. I am a cream and sugar coffee drinker, but the Dark and Handsome flavor of this Mixcups is something I will order the next time around. 


There is a mix for everybody, even for those who have only tried the regular coffee flavor. You will be surprised every month with a new set of flavors or you can pick the flavors yourself. You can also choose tea over coffee and be surprised just the same. The volume of your subscription can be from as little as 10 to 60 cups a month, it’s your choice. It is a perfect way to try certain flavors before buying your favorites.


Order your MIX OF THE MONTH today and see if you can live without them after your first batch. I know I love coffee even more, so I will order my 30 single-cup coffees each month.  To all coffee lovers like me, I highly suggest you check out Mixcups and you’ll be happy like I did.

They provided me a complimentary product for the purpose of this review.

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