Two Unlocked @Sony Xperia Smartphones, Find them ONLY at @BestBuy 

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If you are wanting to buy an Xperia mobile phone without having to be tied to a network, head to Best Buy now because you can buy two models that are both unlocked.

1. The Xperia XA1 Ultra Messaging gives you a full HD display covering all six inches from edge to edge (borderless). You will have an extraordinary viewing experience from a mobile phone like never before. Also, the cameras are amazing! The main camera has 23MP resolution, which used to be available only on Sony’s flagship smartphones. Its front-facing camera has 16MP and has been upgraded to have a 23mm wide-angle lens. There’s no other place you can get this deal from but BestBuy.

2. The Xperia XZ Premium Messaging features the 4K HDR Display and Super Slow motion Camera. The 4K HDR display is the first of its kind in any smartphone so if you get this for yourself, you will have something very unique. Its main camera has 19MP resolution and it comes with the Motion Eye camera system, which is the first in the world. It features Predictive Capture which helps in getting just the right shot. The Super Slow Motion video recording enables you to capture images that no other smartphones can. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is responsible for that special feature. You can watch 4K HDR videos or play the latest PS games on PS4 Remote Play. Best Buy is the only place you will find this smartphone.

Two smartphones boasting with exceptional features. It is rare that with such features you can get either of them unlocked. You do not have to change courier networks. Or, maybe you wanted to change. With these unlocked phones, it’s your choice. They will both work with AT&T, Verizon and Cricket.

Hurry before it’s too late! Get yours now so you can enjoy the unique features this summer! If you wait too long, you will find them at a higher price or you will lose out on their availability.  Go now to check out or any Best Buy store near you.

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