Unlimited Swapping of Nike & Converse Sneakers for Kids at EasyKicks

Kids these days grow much faster than kids of decades ago. Their feet grown fast too! As such, buying them sneakers can be economically painful. Not only do they have to wear sneakers for easy roaming, they also have to change the pair sooner than later.

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That problem has been solved by EasyKicks.com. You can choose from any of the three available subscriptions: monthly, semi-annual, and annual, which is the longest subscription and the cheapest. Whether you go for the budget-friendly monthly subscription or the wallet-friendly cheaper option that will save you as much as $60 a year.

What will you and your kids enjoy? A new pair of sneakers every so often! Whether the first pair no longer fits or you (or your kid) simply want a new design, you can have it swapped for whatever is chosen as the new pair. How it works is simple. Pay for the subscription you prefer and choose the pair of shoes you like with the given size. When it gets delivered, it comes with personally named and with accompanying size chart. If it does not fit, simply send it back with the right info. You do not have to pay for shipping.

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You have several designs to choose from and they are from Nike and Converse. The Nike Flex Experience and Nike Flex Run Bright are two of the favorites.

You no longer have to worry about feet growing bigger sooner than the shoes wear out. You can easily choose another pair and send the old pair back, which will be donated elsewhere. Shipping is free and you can even send in old pairs of shoes that you want given to others at no charge. Every time a package arrives, your kid will know it is his or hers because of the personalized name on it. It’s like shopping from home without the need to go out and spend for extra or unnecessary buys. You’re happy the shoe fits and your child is happy for having new shoes all the time.

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