Use Environmental and Health-Friendly Frying Pans

There are several brands that offer non-stick pans, but many of them are good just for the first few uses. Over a short period of time, it no longer serves its purpose. For inexpensive pans, it is worse. Not only is the environment harmed, but the health as well. The Green Earth Frying Pan, however, is 100% PTFE- and PFOA-free. It’s non-stick feature does not emit harmful fumes or toxins even at high temperatures.

It is also scratch-resistant with 100% ceramic coating that makes it easy to clean and durable. Cooking is fast because of the magnetized induction stove safe base, but the heat-resistant handle is comfortable to hold since it’s cool to the touch. No heavy metals, no harmful chemicals and great longevity. What else can you ask for? To learn more about this awesome Green Earth Frying Pan from Ozeri, you can check this out on Amazon and get the best frying pan for the money.