Use OurPact to Control an iPhone Allowance for Children

“I’m excited to introduce you today to a wonderfully helpful app, Ourpact. All opinions are my own.”

Looking back to the days when smart phones were not yet invented, parents need not worry what their minors are doing over the internet while tucked in bed. Now, while it is not every parent’s problem, many of these minors get themselves in trouble because they venture into places they should not be going to in the first place. They start to hide, keep secrets, and even lie. Their grades suffer as well, in most cases. There is now an app for iPhone that lets me, as a parent, make sure that my daughter uses her iPhone for reasons that are fine. While I do not have any problem with her sneaking just to browse unwanted sites or just stay on Facebook and show her selfies yet, it is good to know that I can do something to prevent what could spell danger in the future. I can also be sure that her phone does not interrupt her studies.

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Thanks to OurPact which is a parental control and device management for iOS devices that makes me, as parent, allot her some time allowance to use certain apps like Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, etc., on her iPhone and the internet as well. I can control when she can use it too. I make sure that the times are during her breaks so she can stay focused in school. I get to see when she is using her allowance or not, or when she has used it up for the day. Of course I can manually add to her allowance, but she usually does not need more. We get to spend real time together, instead. Technology may be good or bad, depending on the purpose. This time, technology is helping parents take proper control for bringing up their children safely and responsibly.