Want a Mayor that you can count on

Dr Brown for Atlanta promises to reinvest in Atlanta . Dr. Brown believes that the only way to achieve her goals is you get feedback directly from the people she serves. You can also suggest Ideas by joining her Brown for Atlanta Facebook Group. In order to communicate a simple plan people can under stand she backs these promises with a real plan in Brown Policy Book not just words. Dr Brown has a plan to improve the quality of life for all Atlanta’s citizens by outlining her plan in Brown Policy Book in each category such as Public Safety, Environment, Revenue Generation, Urban planning, info structure, and much more. In each category DR Brown spells out in plain English how she will meet her goals. When Dr Brown promises to reinvest in Atlanta it is not just an empty promise or wish. For example in order to increase the efficiency of the current police force Dr. Brown plans to create an auxiliary force to handle “Quality of Life” issues so the main force can focus on the more serious crimes. There are many such proposals listed in Brown Policy Book. If you are looking for a mayor that will make a difference and make real changes in the city of Atlanta , which will affect Atlanta citizens for generations then you need to give you your vote.

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