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Winter is the time for all things cozy. Pumpkin-spiced lattes, hats, scarves, lazy weekends and a home so warm and welcoming you’ll never want to leave. Not for work, not for socialising, not for anything, not until winter is over.

With that in mind, here are our top tips to help you make a home that is every ounce cozy and comfortable:

A Bedroom You Can Sink Into

When winter arrives, your beds becomes your safe haven; that marshmallow you want to sink into and never leave, tucking your legs into your body out of fear the cold air will nip your skin. With so much time spent in bed, though, you need to make this as comfy as possible, something that starts with your mattress, which is something mattress-guides.net has more details on. However, it doesn’t stop there. To make this room your little hidey-hole, invest in a bunch of throws, pick the perfect pillows and hang a white canopy from the ceiling so that you can wake up in a cocoon. Mmmmmm. Now that is living.

Pick The Perfect Plants

People always associate spring and summer with plants, but plants have a way of bringing a space to life, especially if you find a plant that looks cozy. Now that may sound bonkers, but there are long, leafy and fluffy plants out there that you can go overboard with, such as pussy willow. The addition of plants is a surefire way to make your space that much more welcoming, encouraging you to spend the entire afternoon of relaxing, all curled up on the sofa with that book you wanted to start when summer first began.

Lay It Down In The Bathroom

The idea of stepping out of your warm better, rushing down the stairs as the winter weather nips at your skin and having to tiptoe across the freezing bathroom tiles is not going to get anyone excited about the mornings. That is why you need to head out to a flea market (read: Ikea) and grab yourself a Persian rug to lay in your bathroom. Not only will this cover a large chunk of floor space and make your exit from the bath-slash-shower that much more pleasant, it will also add a statement. It will make your bathroom pop, giving it a sense of old Parisian-style.

Over Do The Textiles

If overdoing it is even possible. Now we know that this is an obvious thing to suggest and something every home decor blog will have said, but that doesn’t change the fact it is still incredibly effective. Get yourself some thick, plush rugs. Lay down a seagrass rug and then layer it up with a sheepskin one. Choose deep furniture, grab some bean bags, add a few floor pillows around the place, get an ottoman and start framing old textiles and fabrics. It is such a great way to subtly add a bit more cosiness to your home.

With these bits in place, start using your lamps instead of your overhead lights and get into the habit of lighting the fire. All you need now is a cuppa cocoa or a glass of red and you are ready to ignore every phone call you get.

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