Web browser security

Right after I started blogging, I didn’t know that our computer was not protected against malware. I went surfing and visiting other blogs and after days of doing that, I have noticed that our computer runs very slow. The worst thing of all is I got lots of pop ups after I visit other websites. I’m getting tired of it and didn’t know what to do. I thought that we had malware protection that is why I visited a lot of other places on the internet and thought I was safe. I didn’t know that our computer was not protected. My hubby forgot to tell me that our protection ran out last month. He didn’t bother to renew it because he didn’t know I will be doing this kind of work on our computer. He got so upset because the computer didn’t work at all. He told me it might be crash because of all the viruses on it. I don’t wanna throw it or buy another one because computers are very expensive. I talked to my brother on the phone and told him about my problem. He suggested I to go visit this place he uses because I can read a lot of valuable information about endpoint protection, malware protection and a lot of other stuff concerning computers. At first, when I heard about endpoint protection, I wasn’t sure if I heard of it before until I talked to him. So, I went to the internet and started surfing for malware protection. Fortunately, they have several articles about this topic. I read through all their articles which really helped me a lot to learn more about protecting computers from viruses, worms and other malicious programs. This should be the one my hubby needs to read so that he will know how to get the protection we need.

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