Week Long Vacation Ideas For Active Families

Active families love active holidays. Sitting around at home watching the TV is definitely not your preferred way to spend a week in the summer. Instead, you want to get physical, have fun, and see more of the world in an adventurous way. Of course, when you have children of different ages, there will be some activities that won’t be as accessible as you would like. So here are some of the best week-long vacation ideas that will suit an active family no matter what age they are:

Theme Park

Most large theme parks offer a wide range of accommodation to suit all their visitors. This can include family rooms with cots for your tiniest tots. A theme park can take several days to explore. Best of all there are endless opportunities for fun and excitement. The only downside could be the long queues for the most popular rides. Activities for preschoolers are often quite plentiful, and there is a wide range of eating venues to suit your healthy diet.

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National Monuments

When you’re spending a week to visit one or two national monuments, you need to have plenty of activities in reserve. When the schools are on a break, you can usually find one-day or two-day events like reenactments that the kids will love. These are very entertaining. The best ones put on activities relevant to the history of the place you’re visiting. They might be able to make something, get involved in a play, or just run around in costume. See what’s happening nearby. As many monuments are set in stunning natural landscapes, there will always be plenty of activities to tire you all out.

Road Trip

Taking a road trip to see more of your favorite State or even to take on the entire West Coast can be a lot of fun for the kids. When you choose your RV options, be sure to pick add-ons that give the kids space and things to do while you’re on the road. With an RV, you can stop as often as you need to. Tie the bicycles to the back and stretch your legs for a couple of hours. Or maybe you fancy heading to the lake with your kayaks or inflatables? A road trip can be tied into the curriculum your kids are following in history or geography lessons too. This makes it one of the best family vacation solutions you can choose.

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National Park Adventures

If your kids are all school age, then a National Park adventure could be ideal. There are several to choose from. Staying healthy while you’re out in the open will require a little extra planning and preparation. Insect repellant can be helpful. Essentials will include hats for everyone and sunscreen. Don’t forget your First Aid kit and regular medication.
Many different tour operators and activity companies use the National Parks for family fun. Things like hiking, cycling, climbing, and kayaking are available. Camping can be included. Your tour operator will be able to give you a breakdown of what you might be able to enjoy. What kind of vacation does your family love?

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