Weekend Well Spent At The Park

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Sooner or later, the precious summer sun will bid goodbye. That’s why, as much as possible, I make sure that my daughter and our entire family will get to enjoy every last bit of it. Last weekend, our entire gang decided to have a picnic at the park and I invited some of our neighborhood friends to join us. I even organized some outdoor games both for the kids and adults. Most of our family friends are free during weekends, so they were able to meet us at the park. We had so much fun that we agreed to have it as a regular weekend activity.

11880611_951450081584726_4319209465213908944_nLast week, I was tasked to prepare our snacks. I know for a fact that it would be very tiring and requires a lot of effort. Good thing Walmart, my ultimate SNACKATION destination, is just nearby. I just learned about some go-to summer snack solutions which literally cut my preparation time into half. I made these bite size sandwiches and filled them with Jif Whips, Smucker’s Strawberry Jam and Smucker’s Squeeze Grape.  I also packed some Uncrustables, JiF To Go Dippers for the adults along with some ice cold fruit juices and Smucker’s Fruit Fulls, which all the kids loved the most. All these goodies filled our picnic basket and believe it or not, I was able to prepare everything in less than an hour.


11954745_951450098251391_8263727125573330669_n-1Everyone had so much fun, especially when we played the parlor games. Some of the games were race games wherein parents and their child are paired together. It was also a great bonding activity that all parents should have with their kids. They are not always young and the time will come when they will no longer enjoy our company as much as they do now.

11921647_951450064918061_3259066267499335328_nLast weekend’s picnic was truly a success and I am thankful that we were able to experience it with our neighbors. Most likely we’re going to do it again at least once a month. As long as we don’t have other plans, we will definitely join the fun. So, I suggest to organize your own weekend activity right away!

Before summer ends, it would be a great idea to stock up on these yummy snacks and get tips for delicious party snacks HERE, you can visit Walmart for your #SNACKATION destination and you’ll be glad you did.


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20 thoughts on “Weekend Well Spent At The Park

  1. Love those peanut butter/strawberry untouchables. It is such a perfect combination for any picnic. Need to do that again

  2. Our personal family favorites on a picnic include bread, jam, peanut butter, fluff and a good hazelnut spread. Nice and sweet. But enjoyable!

  3. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Great weather great weekend how can you possibly go wrong? Sure that most of been perfection

  4. That hazelnut spread JIF makes now is very good. I am so glad it is cheaper and just as tasty as nutella. That is great for a picnic as well.

  5. Love jam and pb on a couple pieces of bread. My favorite is strawberry, grape combination. Add a little bit of peanut butter. YUMMM!!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your go to fall and winter snacks and treats for the whole school year. Really enjoyed this summer suggestions

  7. I would love you to help me pack my kids lunches. That would be so helpful. I’m sure you could show me a thing or two

  8. Beautiful setting and a beautiful snack for the day. How can you possibly go wrong? Wish I was there!

  9. Those Jif dippers really look tasty! What do they have other then peanut butter? Gave me some good ideas for our picnic tomorrow

  10. Glad to see that you do all these fun things with the kids. We try to arrange our weekends to do fun stuff with the kids too that they look forward to and enjoy.

  11. Thanks again for the suggestions. I gotta keep reading and take a look at snackation as well to see what else I can do. The more suggestions the better!

  12. The squeeze bottles are so convenient for a picnic. Don’t have to be extra gentle or careful with them. Perfect to bring anywhere!

  13. That is a beautiful picnic and park. I’m jealous, wish I had something nearby like that. Ours aren’t nearly as big and nice as those.

  14. You pack such nice stuff. What kind of fruit juices do you bring? Nothing like nice, cold fruit juices to pack on any trip

  15. Those cute little sandwiches are so GREAT! Your daughter most love eating those. I know I would! And those lunch boxes!!!

  16. I’m planning on running down to Wal Mart tomorrow and trying out some of there snacks. You’ve pointed the way for me 🙂

  17. Something nice about preparing a nice big picnic in less then an hour. Glad you were able to do that with these snacks! Fast and tasty is a good combination

  18. Your such a great mother! Having fun and games at the park and a great picnic! My wife and I need to try some of the same things you do

  19. I’m obsessed with those smuckers untouchables. They are SOOOOO good. Love all the different flavors. Glad someone else enjoys them as much as me

  20. Nothing like a good old fashioned picnic with some great snacks. You seemed to pack the perfect lunch!

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