What a Dentist and Dental Assistant Should Wear

When you think of certain professions, you may think of the typical attire that goes with it. For instance, when you think about a firefighter, you may envision a red or yellow flame-retardant suit with a helmet. When imagining a Delray Beach dentist, scrubs or a white coat may come to mind. Indeed, dentists and their assistants do have a certain uniform that they wear at work. For more information on standard ensembles and practical wear for dentists and dental assistants, read on.


Many medical and dental professionals wear scrubs. Scrubs are designed to be comfortable, loose, and functional. They are made of either pure cotton or a cotton/poly combination. Cotton is recommended since it’s known to be more effective at absorbing perspiration. You can purchase either the usual scrubs or the disposable variety. Regular scrubs can have a cross-stitch make or be buttoned down in the front. Women typically get more choices in the style of their scrubs. Disposable scrubs are meant to be thrown away after use, while typical scrubs are simply washed after a day’s work. If you’re dealing with blood or more invasive procedures, you may want to have disposable scrubs on hand. You may buy top and bottom scrubs. The tops’ sleeves come in varying lengths; the bottoms only have one length, which reaches your ankles. Scrubs come in a variety of sizes, but are not sorted by numbers. You’ll typically be able to pick among extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Don’t forget to buy scrubs with exciting designs and characters, particularly if you’re dealing with children.

Lab Coats

If you’re a dentist, you cannot go without a lab coat. These are white coats with a few functional pockets, and they indicate to people that you are a doctor. Many lab coats feature embroidery for your name, and women’s clothing includes attractive ornamentations. These coats are typically worn over scrubs.

Other Attire

If you’re in the dental profession, be sure you buy sturdy shoes. You’ll be on your feet frequently, so you want something comfy. Many dentists and dental assistants invest in nursing shoes, which are made from leather or rubber. Some go for sneakers or loafers for extra comfort. Avoid wearing flip-flops and other open-toed shoes for safety concerns. Last, be sure you have gloves on hand. Disposable latex and vinyl gloves are effective as a shield from germs. For more ideas on what to wear to work, ask a fellow Delray Beach dentist.


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