Where to Get Marine Parts

The Earth is composed of 75% water and only 25% land, so people make the best use of the water, mostly by traveling or by exploring and having fun and adventure. Thus, there has been an increasing demand for motor parts for boats. Things break though, so things need to be replaced.


Where can you get marine parts like L&M Marine Stainless Steel Propellers? From L&M, of course. It can supply you with almost any propeller you need for the following:

– A Class 6-15hp Motors
– B Class 18-30hp Motors
– C Class 30-70hp Motors
– D Class 45-140hp Motors (V-4’s)
– E Class 135-350hp Motors (V-6 & V-8)
– F Class Bravo II

Be extra careful when removing the propeller in order to change it with the working one. Oftentimes it is secured well so that it will not easily fall off making your machine useless. Use safety gloves, pliers or screwdriver, depending on your particular need. In case it breaks, due to corrosion or otherwise, just make sure that no broken piece is left before installing the new one. More often than not, a hand file can be of use in cases like this.

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