Whole Grains From Walmart Make Delicious Meals

“This is a sponsored post by Nature’s Harvest®. All opinions stated are my own.”

Not everyone is born with a creative soul, so I try to surround my family with things that will ‘evoke’ it out of them, so to speak, to nurture their creativity for a lifetime. One of the ways I do this for my family is artistic foods like put a star and butterfly shape from a delicious grape jelly sandwich. Moms like myself love Nature’s Harvest products baked with whole grains and at least 8g per serving. All of the the breads they offer are a tasty and healthy choice and it directly coincides with their brand. The easy choice for whole grains.  Nature’s Harvest bread is the only brand I will use for my family’s sandwiches because of all the undeniable and many health benefits that have been supported by the FDA. Let me elaborate on a few of those health benefits to get you excited about using Nature’s Harvest Bread.

Whether made with Whole Grain White, Honey Wheat and Whole Grain Wheat, moms can be sure it’s made with whole grains because it says Nature’s Harvest. It’s gives me a piece of mind that ALL Nature’s Harvest varieties carry the whole grain stamp. This stamp is FDA approved and carries a title of legitimacy that other brands have not earned. There are NO artificial flavors, colors or high-fructose corn syrup in their bread products. With every serving, you can count on at least 8 grams of whole grains each and every time.

Club Sandwich using Nature’s Harvest Whole Grain White Bread


Grilled Ham and Cheese using Nature’s Harvest Whole Grain Wheat


I found this quote on the Nature’s Harvest website, and this is something that really stuck with me. ìIn our recent survey of moms with children ages four to 13, we learned nearly half of moms are concerned about their children’s nutrition and that 52 percent consider whole grains one of the most important nutritional considerations when purchasing food at the grocery store.

I am here to give you the same opportunity that I have been blessed with. For just completing this very short survey HERE, you will be rewarded with a $5 Walmart Gift Card in which you can use to try out a couple of different Nature’s Harvest bread products that they offer because they are on rollback for just $1.97!! (You must be 18 years old to take advantage of this offer.)

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30 thoughts on “Whole Grains From Walmart Make Delicious Meals

  1. Wal mart has such a great selection of breads and whole grains. Nature’s harvest has a great reputation in the business of producing some of the very best in the business

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. Whole grains have taken a lot of heat lately with the gluten free craze, but people need to be balanced. They are both good and needed for our bodies

  3. Whole grains are great as long as they aren’t artificial or enhanced in anyway that is what you have to be careful of. Glad to know good companies like Nature’s Harvest are interested in the peoples best of interests

  4. So many different ways to get your whole grains in for the day. Sandwiches, even desserts, breakfast, etc…. Using all the varieties and types of breads make it easier and more enjoyable.

  5. Great whole grain selection! So many choices and so little money and time. Glad I found this site as a great resource for the many different affordable options I can find locally

  6. We’ve used a variety of different breads and to be honest I haven’t noticed a huge differece that is why it makes sense to use the cheapest and I believe Nature’s Harvest is one of the most reasonable and affordable

  7. The whole grains from Nature’s Harvest are some of the best tasting ones I’ve had. I’ve had almost all of them, and one keeps getting better then the other one. Affordable too!

  8. Wow grain and seeds bread they have now too. They have all kinds of options now for people looking for health food store quality in a big chain store for a more reasonable price.

  9. That club sandwich! While I am typing this I am going to look to see if I have turkey bacon and cheese to make one just like that. Only if I had that bread now too

  10. 8 servings of whole grains is unheard of in bread these days. These flavors are extensive. Didn’t realize they had such a great selection, I’ll have to try some of the other ones

  11. SO many breads these days have artificial colors and chemicals in them that they add. Good to know there are still some companies that aren’t doing that and poisoning us

  12. My absolute favorite sandwich is just good old fashioned turkey and cheese on nice and tasty wheat bread. Get my protein and my whole grains in all at the same time

  13. I was definitely one of those moms who felt there kids needed more whole grains. We were eating non stop white bread and I know it is awful. We’ve switched over for a few months and so happy we did

  14. Honey Wheat bread is so delicious. I use to get honey wheat bagels all the time by me, now I get the bread from wal mart like you recommended and to me, it is just as good

  15. Nothing like a good ole’ fashioned grilled cheese on tasty bread with tomato soup. Dip it in and just eat. I could eat 3 of those things! I’m hungry now

  16. YUM! Love me some good old whole grains. Thanks for the tips on some great new ideas and things we can all try out

  17. Glad that you pointed out the FDA stamping. People don’t realize what a big deal that is when it comes to breads. One of the reasons I feel more comfortable with Nature’s Harvest as well

  18. Didn’t realize how many different whole grain type of breads Nature’s Harvest makes. I’ve tried a handful of them, but those pictures show me I need to try a whole lot more

  19. That grilled cheese sandwich looks so tasty. I want one of those right now. Going to get this bread ASAP

  20. I’m definitely more of a whole grain type of person. I think they make even more enjoyable sandwiches. Adds flavor and texture for sure

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