Why Honda Cars & SUVs Are So Popular

I have several relatives that own and drive Hondas. Most of them own a Honda Civic, but I have one cousin that distinctly drives a Honda Pilot she bought at Carr’s Honda. It was given to her as a gift when she graduated from college. Hr parents give a new car to each of their kids who graduate college. I remember how she has been talking about how excited she was to graduate, because she will be able to replace her old user car with a brand new Honda. She would often boast that it is the best vehicle that she has ever driven. As it is with Hondas, it is known for its excellent reliability and great mileage, even for a good-sized SUV. I admit I am hopeless when it comes to knowing much about cars and SUVs. I solely rely on my loving husband’s wide array of knowledge of cars. Hondas are popular because they are reliable and fuel-efficient. I have more friends and relatives that own Hondas then any other make of car.

One thing I do know is that anyone I talk to that has a Honda loves it. My cousin has always been fascinated by cars, but didn’t know the difference between models or brands. After I told her about my other relatives that all own Hondas and why they like them so much, she started to appreciate why Hondas are so popular. I explained to her Honda cars and SUVs are known to be reliable and very safe to drive. They last a long time compared to other brands, especially when they are well-maintained by the owner.

It’s not uncommon to hear about Honda that has over 200,000 miles and has never required major repairs to the engine or transmission. This is why people who by Hondas almost always by Hondas again. They get spoiled with the few repairs that are needed and the great mileage with their standard models or their hybrids that are very popular. It’s hard to drive anywhere without seeing a lot of Hondas on the road, especially the Civic that many of my relatives own and love. That’s why I told my hubby when we by a car for me later this year, that I want a Honda, too.

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