Why I Love SoCozy & Why I Recommend Using Their Hair Care Products

This is a sponsored post by SoCozy. All opinions stated are my own.

I am the kind of person who tries to avoid as many chemicals as I can for me and my family, not only for what we ingest, but also for what we apply on our bodies. The first time I encountered SoCozy was when I was asked to review this product, the Boo Conditioner, which will prevent lice.


Having lice is scary for anyone, so I wanted the Boo Lice Prevention Spray since we hike a lot in here in Colorado. We used the Boo Shampoo and Boo Conditioner and I was surprised that it left my daughter’s and my hair so silky soft! It has no chemicals and it smells really good because of the natural ingredients.  Perfect for those who have allergies to chemicals. On days we do not shampoo, we use the spray, which can be used on wet or dry hair. These are really great products for my family.


I also have the Cinch Super Hydrating Berry-Whip Conditioner, which is perfect for drying hair due to frequent use of a hot iron or being in the sun. We really need this because of the bright sunlight we experience at higher altitudes in Denver or when we are in the mountains. This product is works great after swimming, camping or hiking! I use it when the sun is bright and when I do not want to bring an umbrella.  We go swimming once in a while and we do not care how long we stay in the water. Whether at a salty ocean while on vacation or the chlorinated pool at our local recreation center, the Cinch Detangler Leave-In Conditioner Fruity-Tutti saves the day. My daughter prefers the Cinch 3-N-1 shampoo + Conditioner + Wash Mango-Go, while I prefer the Cinch 2-N-1 Shampoo Guav-o-rama. Sometimes we trade and use the other’s favorite.

11885403_946946225368445_4247383452374721055_n11221394_946943055368762_7001764484044212859_nWhen we go to a party or just have a family getaway, we like styling our hair and so I use the behave styling gel medium hold for myself. My daughter loves the behave styling cream soft hold so her hair is not stiff at all, but stays in place. I also like using the behave stylemouse medium hold peach from time to time, giving my hair some volume. Since we love SoCozy, I made sure I have my own SoCozy Brush at home and I take it in my personal bag which I bring with me when I leave the house. It eases thru the tangles without having to endure any pain or discomfort. It also gives a good scalp massage at the same time!

11903756_946943082035426_3457886100221948193_nWe are very happy with these products and I highly recommend them to all my lovely readers. You should try them so you can see for yourself! To learn more about SoCozy products, check out this place, visit their Facebook and become their Twitter fan to get more details and tips for getting your family’s hair naturally healthy and beautiful.


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