Why Markerly is the Best Quality Influencer for Brands and Bloggers #Markerly

The internet has been given businesses the opportunity to be exposed to the world by using influencer marketing which makes possible the spread of the existence of businesses by using bloggers to write about them. Sadly, more and more bloggers just write for the money without giving quality to the brand or business they are blogging about. Other instances, there are bloggers who write really well, but the blogs are not influential enough to get the real purpose of using influencers in the first place. In the end, they did not get the result they paid for because they were not exposed enough since some of the bloggers did not have enough traffic, or, even with enough traffic, there is not enough connection between blogger and reader. How can the sponsored content be any different?

Introducing, Markerly, the influencer considered to be the best blogging network because of the quality it gives to both the businesses paying Markerly for the influence, and the bloggers who write for them. The blogs are required to have at least 10,000 page views per month and each post has three comments minimum. Such measurement somehow gives the businesses the assurance that at least even 1% of the 10,000 minimum viewers will still result to 100. On the blogger side, bloggers are paid within 48 hours of post going live. That is a great opportunity for bloggers to get their effort’s worth sooner than later.

Check the Markerly Homepage, whether you are a blogger who is looking for extra income, or a business wanting to reach out to more eyes. As a blogger, you are going to have the opportunity to blog about great brands like Levi’s, The Super Bowl, etc., or get free products to review like Last Bottle Wines, Jaybird, etc. Check the Press about Markerly to get additional info how it started, how it works and how the technology, micro-content sharing, is being used to make it easier for readers to want to share content with others, thus, making the spread go wider.

As a blogger, there is a Direct Page to Sign Up to Markerly’s Blogging Network. Many of my blogging friends will surely qualify to be part of it. Just the idea of being paid just after two days is inspiration enough for bloggers to do their best to give quality to the brands they will be blogging about. People like to know what others are saying about certain brands. Oftentimes, it is their deciding factor, whether to buy or not. So, in addition to the inbound links that brands get (which they paid for), quality content gives both the brand and the bloggers the edge to stay afloat, therefore it’s a win-win situation.

Markerly is giving away a $250 American Express gift card. You can find more details about the giveaway below. They will be choosing a winner on Feb.27, 2014. Enter now for your chance to win!

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