Why we like “V”

Why we like “V”

Content by Mac Kline

The second season of V (2009) is right around the corner and according to current ratings; millions of adoring fans are waiting in anticipation. With rumors of cancellation in the mist throughout the summer, the airing of 13 new episodes is a welcoming sight indeed. Starting in November, every Tuesday night I will be one of millions of fans that will be tuning in for its second season in my crystal clear DIRECTV.

What makes this mini-series so popular? In addition to being interesting, unique, and suspenseful- the show does parallel the political atmosphere of American politics. Are the free clinics free or is there a diabolic agenda behind it? This definitely coincides with the free health care impasse that is hotly debated in the United States. Smooth words from the alien leader sure sounds like the rhetoric I heard before from the current presidential administration. With the assistance of the liberal press both leaders won their quest of free health care for all. The press manufactured a character that is the epitome of a loving and caring individual striving for peace.

The visitors are young, captivating, and charming with a vision of social equality for all. In 1959 Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro captured the hearts and mind of his people such as the visitors did. Fifty one years later Castro mentioned that communism did not work. We all know how the V mini-series will probably end- The visitors will be uncovered for who they really are through a series of dramatic battles that will end in total victory for the human race. Could this be accomplished in 13 episodes or would the mini-series continue another 2 seasons till November of 2012?

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