I just talked to one of my friends who’s in college. I never thought that I would see her while I was strolling in the mall yesterday afternoon. It’s been almost eight years since the last time I saw her last. She called me a while ago and we talked for over three hours. I remember she has curly hair and when we met at the mall her hair was straight. I asked her on the phone if she straightened it or used an iron because it looks so good.

She was laughing so hard because it’s a wig. I was surprised to hear that because it really looks so natural. She called it lace wigs and she has a couple of lace front wigs to use. I really like how they look, so I went browsing on the internet and found a great place that has a great selection of lace front wigs to choose from. I can choose from small, medium or long hair with any style I want.

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