With OkHello Apps, your video chatting is amazing!

Communication has grown with technology. It not only has provided us so many options to stay connected, it’s also cheaper and has made borderless connections geographically possible. One of the things that aided in this development was the invention of the iPhone. More than a smartphone, it allows one to be able to call, sends SMS messages, take pictures, play games and increase one’s productivity with applications (commonly called apps). This is where it gets exciting. iPhone apps are varied – for productivity, social networking, games, photography, education – name it, you have an app for it.

iPhone Screenshots

OkHello is an app that allows you to stay in touch with friends. Unlike other apps that limit you to chatting or doing a video conference only, Okhello lets you chat, text, share videos and photos with friends. It even allows you to create chat rooms! If you explore the screen shots provided on iTunes, you will see how clean the interface is and how their picture and video screens are bigger.

I use this video chat with my hubby and I was so impressed with the quality of our conversation as well as the quality of sound and picture. I just love it and so does my hubby. Now we are all excited to video chat while he is on a break at work because he calls me everyday and with okhello, we can both video chat and see each other while talking.

This amazing apps has been compared to Skype and Facetime, similar iPhone applications, but it is just easier to use and more streamlined. Now, let me tell you the best part all. It’s FREE to have access to all these amazing features. Download it on iTunes and make communicating with friends easier, faster and better than you ever imagined! How about you? What kind of video chat you’re using? Have you tried OkHello yet?

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